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Africa Fashion Law™: Ethiopia Working on E-Commerce Law

Kenya and South Africa continue to lead the pack within Africa when it comes to drafting laws that make sense and are enforced, especially where intellectual property is concerned, which benefits all of the creative industries. As e-commerce picks up momentum across the globe, it is nice to see Africa is not lagging behind on legislature that can help the overall financial health of Africa. African designers and fashion professionals this is great news as we continue to see an increase in e-retail.

I am very pleased to see Ethiopia take on the task of e-commerce law that will be very friendly to its citizens as well as investors. Go Ethiopia! Read news from Ethiopia’s Press Agency below:

“The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Ethiopia is preparing a national draft law to govern electronic commerce, e-Commerce.

The globalization of the world market means that international trading is an important element for economic development according to Beker Seid, Communications and Public Relations Head with the ministry.

Electronic commerce plays a significant role in the development and economic growth of countries as well being a benefit for people applying technology in their daily life said Beker.
E-Commerce should also play an important role in allowing Ethiopian business and investors become more competitive internationally by modernizing the import and export sectors.

The ministry is aware of the multiple benefits of e-commerce and the challenges associated with the absence of a regulatory framework which has limited the promotion and implementation of an e-commerce system.

With e-commerce growing rapidly internationally and in Ethiopia alongside a global economic process creates various challenges that can affect national commercial laws I light of the paper based transaction systems currently in place explained Beker.

It is known that e-Commerce which is liable to raise issues like security, dispute settlement, commercial trust and legal validity, he said.

The Ministry has been developing the draft law in partnership with United Nations Economic Commission for Africa for more than three years.

Source: Ethiopian Press Agency”

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