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2010 Nigerian Idol Judges: Jeffrey Daniel, Yinka Davies & Audu Maikori

OMG Media, producers of Nigerian Idol, announced this week the Judges and Host for the 2010 Nigerian Idol. Chocolate City’s CEO Audu Maikori, Singer Yinka Davies and American dancer/singer Jeffrey are confirmed judges for the reality TV show. The show will be hosted by Misi. Check out a few images from the Judges media launch event.

Nigerian Idol Judge, Yinka Davies

Nigerian Idol Judge, Jeffrey Daniel

Nigerian Idol Host, Misi

Chichi Nwoko, OMG Media Rep and Manager of Nigerian Idol

~First photo, Nigerian Idol Judge Audu Maikori
~Courtesy Photos

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  1. Oscar says:

    Yinka Davis, you are the greatest. You have made me very proud to be a Nigerian. Forget the fact that I have not been home for the past ten years. You have raised the bar so high that other IDOL programmes have become insignificant. You are always able to sit there in the judges’ chair and sing in unison with the contestants. A feat that can not be compared anywhere. You make us here so proud. Even the presenters could sing life. Telling the world that you are not only a pretty pace. So when you talk others should listen. You are GOOD. Jeffrey is a serious guy and he takes his job seriously. He wants the programme to be the best and he gives his all and all. You Nigerians are great, anything you lot go for you make it yours with style. Yinka I also like your sense of humour. You speak for the understanding of your audience. The introduction of Highlife was the icing on the cake. Please keep the format, it is WONDERFUL. Thank you for making me a proud NIGERIAN living abroad. This template is going to be copied all over world. All the judges in Nigerian Idol can hold their own singing-wise and showcase themselves as Artists/entertainers. I give you all 99.9%

  2. Chioma Oriaku says:

    Yinka Davis,

    Stop behaving like an imbecile. If no won has ever made you realised how you behave on TV, try to watch the video and see how you behave….. Stop acting stupidly and stop disgracing Nigeria as a whole….. You are to act like a ROLE MODEL, a professional you are paid for. I wonder the kind of men that hang out with you…….. grow up

  3. Koolk Kat says:

    The judges of Nigerian Idol really needs to get a life and learn some inter personal skills. In as much as the show tries take every bit of the orginal version, it just all wrong and will rather watch paint dry than watch the show because of the judges..

  4. nkechi says:

    pls my confirmation txt says on d 3rd is 4 d auditions & dwebsite says 29th of october.pls which is true?also pls whre is d idol studio in lagos?thanks alot

  5. anita says:

    the confimation says abj venue is on the 3rd,here it says 15th-18th which is correct?also it stated that 3idol should be sent to 34365.what is true.

  6. 2010 Nigerian Idol Judges: Jeffrey Daniel, Yinka Davies & Audu Maikori

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