VIDEO: Tiffany ‘Fake London Boy’ Locally Acquired Foreign Accent, Innit Innit!

“Fake London Boy is Coming Down x2 my dear ladies. . . locally acquired foreign accent!” Newcomer to the music scene, Ghana’s Tiffany White has it in for the fake London boys, so much so she wrote a song dedicated to bringing down the fake London boys. We can’t wait to see the official video. If you are based anywhere in the world, but London and you have a fake London accent, watch out. It’s time to get real!

You know what, it’s big girls up in this building you know
I pop champagne innit
It’s a hit man
Tiffany, FW baby

See your self and your shoe wey u dey for da queue
You dey talk talk plenty but nothing sef be true
Charlie u be fake london boy, fake london boy, fake london boy
Mo ne aburokyire foɔ no nante a, na mosan ha adwene
Hwɛ ɔsan bɔ ne hwene ɔsi innit innit innit
ɔyɛ fake london boy fake london boy fake london boy,
Fake fake fake fake london boy (3x)
Fake london boy, fake london boy (2x)

Verse 1
He’s nothing but a wannabe, wagye ne fake walabi
Wanya kala bi a lie no amma na gyi no adi
ɔde Oko nso ɔse ɔde Jayden, ɔse ɔfiri London, kyerɛ sɛ ɔte Croydon
Bra ne ne slanging, are u alright bruv?
Mɛka nso ɔdeka ma yɛama no light off hwɛ wagye ne fose jeans ɛne ni nike top
Wobisa no a ɔbɛkaakyerɛ wo sɛ ɔtɔɔno nike shop
Ne bag no sɛn ne ho tesɛ postman but he no get nothing he just be broke man
ɔkuta locally acquired foreign accent ɔyɛ wack tesɛ rapper with no talent


Fake london boy is coming down, coming down coming down
Fake london boy is coming, down my dear ladies,
Sɛ wohu ɔmo wɔ club na ɔyɛ petrepetre a – fake fake fake fake,,
Sɛ ɔwe chewing gum na ɔtafere na no a – fake fake fake fake,
Sɛ ɔte London ndwom a na ɔkam pow pow woso ne ti left and right tesɛ mad cow

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, let’s go man, you can call me you know
Or hit me on ma Facebook innit
Or Twitter
You see what yeah in London yeah, we’ve got bare girls innit
© Tiffany
Language: English & Twi

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