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Video: Lanre Da Silva Ajayi Takes Nasty Tumble at ARISE Made in Africa Show, Makes International Headlines

Most fashion models who strut down the runway will tell you one of the major things they think in their heads is, “OMG, I hope I don’t fall!” Unfortunately, no matter the number of times many will themselves not to fall while on the runway, it happens and there have been a number of inglorious falls.

Who remembers Naomi Campbell’s fall in 1993 at Paris Fashion Week runway? That made major headlines.

This time, the designer, rather than the model, falls. At the recent Arise Made in Africa show at New York Fashion Week, one of the most impressive and more established Nigerian designers, Lanre Da Silva-Ajayi, took a hard fall off the runway. It is unknown whether her fall was induced by what seems like rather high (12 inch?) heels she was wearing. But, what seemed an unfortunate and embarrassing incident for the designer has instead brought her international recognition, even though it is as “the designer who fell at the Arise show.”
Lucky her? It looks like it.

Now before other designers try to emulate Ajayi in hopes that they will gain worldwide recognition, note that this is not to say that anyone should intentionally fall off the runway. If you fall, you could suffer serious injuries and just as bad, not even make the headlines you wanted. Indeed many others have fallen off the runway and their names have gone unnoticed.

LDA’s fall, it looks like, was the lucky break she needed to get the fashion world to pay attention to her designs and her name!

Watch the Video Clip

-Priscilla Bamfo
-Photocredit: Reuters, Splash

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