VIDEO: Actress Stephanie Okereke-Linus Releases ‘DRY’ Trailer as POWERFUL Opposition to the Nigerian Senate’s Bid to Legalize Girl Child Marriages #CHILDnotBRIDE

Nollywood A-list Actress Stephanie Okereke-Linus has been working on her movie ‘DRY’ for some years now. However, in response to the unexpected move by the Nigerian senate to legalize girl child marriages (please read here), the actress releases DRY, an unofficial trailer teaser, that gives the strong visual images of what it means to be a victim of these inhumane practices against girls in Africa and across the globe.

DRY focuses in on the devastating health effects of Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF), the result of these early girl child marriages. It is a powerful gripping story with a resoundingly strong stance and statement, “NO” to girl child marriages.

Read Okereke-Linus’ response to the Nigerian Senate’s move and also watch the trailer below starring fellow Nollywood powerhouse A-list actress, Liz Benson.

-Uduak Oduok

“When this email/petition was sent to me, I knew I had to endorse and share it.

Since I saw the email I cannot remain mute about the current bill passed, the vote on the constitution amendment bill which caused an uproar in the senate this past Tuesday.

“The contentious provision, Section 29, allows citizens who are of age to renounce Nigerian citizenship if they wish. For that purpose, the constitution says, 18-year-olds and above shall be considered to be “of age”.

In addition, a woman or girl who is married, shall also be considered to be of age- a section that could be interpreted to imply that even a day old child, once married, shall be considered to be of age.

The tricky part is:

“That this section, when referenced in the larger picture will make a pedophile, who marries even an 8 year old (as I have seen in Nigeria) “not liable because his “CHILD Wife” is automatically considered an adult. The likes of him will immediately point you to section 29, subsection 4b that says – “any woman who is married shall be “deemed to be of “full age.””

The child that got married did not chose to do so on her own will, she was forced into marriage and should not be deemed an adult as a result..

We need to protect the girl child from incessant abuse.”


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