Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Gym This Summer!

At the beginning of the year, some of you probably made New Year resolutions to stay fit and visit the gym. We are half way through the year. Have you been able to stick with your fitness commitments? Just in case, you haven’t, we thought we would nudge you a bit with 10 reasons why you should stick with your fitness plan and visit the gym. The numbering is in no particular order. Here we go:

1. The gym has both better and more equipment than you can afford
You will have a much more successful workout in the gym, versus at home, because of the wide variety of gym equipment selections offered.

2. Exercising in the gym will make you feel good
You will be on an all day high from the dopamine (feel good hormones) that is released when you exercise.

3. It will make you look good
The consequences of working out is that you LOOK good!

4. You will get toned muscles
If you incorporate weight training into your exercise routine, as opposed to only cardiovascular exercises like running, swimming etc., you are guaranteed to see sexy lines and definition as your body becomes more toned.

5. It will help you challenge yourself
Working out is also a way to challenge yourself with your fitness goals. Once you reach one fitness goal, you can break your own records by raising the bar and moving on to a higher threshold you set for yourself. For those who love challenges, it will keep you even more focused both in and outside of the gym.

6. It will help you lose some weight and lower your fat percentage
There is nothing like working out in the gym with a community of people who have the same common goals. The beautiful side effect is that if you stick with your fitness plan and challenge yourself, you will shed some pounds and lower your cholesterol levels.

7. Reduce your risk of heart disease, obesity and other
Shedding pounds and lowering your cholesterol levels means you decrease the chances, substantially, of heart disease, obesity, cancer and osteoporosis.

8. More fun than exercising alone
It is undoubtedly much more fun to exercise with other people than to exercise alone.

9. Ensure that you meet your fitness goals
Meeting and exceeding your fitness goals will be much easier when you have access to a gym. You can hire the services of a personal fitness trainer, participate in exercise group classes and overall make it more of a fun experience to ensure you meet your fitness goals.

10. Meet new people
As an added incentive, the gym is a great place to socialize, make new friends and who knows, meet “The One.”

Hopefully, these reasons made you all excited and ready to start with your new gym routine. When you do start, take things slow and warm up and stretch before and after exercise.

Now go do it!

-Bola Oyedele
-Photocredit: Ploomy

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