African Cinema: Watch ‘This Is It’, a funny and down to earth web series about young, clueless newly weds

Produced by LowlaDeeTV, ‘This Is it’ is a web series that follows the first year journey of the young clueless, newlyweds, Dede and Tomide. It’s real, funny, cute, and heart warming.

Episode 1
It’s still the honeymoon season. While Dede attempts a sexy move on Tomide, her friends barge in uninvited! Sheesh!!!

Episode 2
In this episode, the honeymoon is over and things get more real. Dede is worried about her jobless status as Tee (Tomide) resumes office to join Sam. She heads to see kerry with the hope of discussing starting a small business but meets a rude surprise.Tee and Dede have their very first honest conversation as a married couple…

Episode 3
This episode: Being a prude, Dede panics over Tomide’s ‘3rd Base’ fantasies after discovering erotic sites and links on oral sex in his web history. She confronts him, things go south, and to cap it up, Dede’s ‘interesting’ mother visits the two for the first time since the wedding!

Episode 4
In this episode, Dede has a new ‘friend’/Branding expert helping out with her online start-up and Tomide gets really jealous. Tomide touches base with family and Dede visits her three crazy friends!

Episode 5
In this episode, Kerry has got herself in a really big mess and confides in Dede. In panic mode, Dede blurts it all out to Tee (Tomide). This automatically puts Tee and Dede in an awkward position. Tee not only has to protect his best friend Sam, he has to face the past and a sworn enemy.

Episode 6
In this episode, Tee is under a lot of pressure and stress from work. He is a ticking bomb, irked about Dede’s recent laziness in the home. He finally explodes and Dede sees a side of him she has never seen.

Episode 7
In this episode, Dede has the pregnancy-baby phobia and tries to talk Tee out of having babies just yet! Tee (Tomide) mischievously sets her up to face her fears!

Episode 8
Sam finds out about Kerry’s dirty secret and is hurt by the people closest to him, including his best friend Tomide (Tee). He is about to make a big decision, but Tee must try to stop him. Dede and Kerry discover a shocking truth!

Episode 9
It’s Tee and Dede’s 6 months anniversary week! Sam and kerry gift them with a pleasant surprise. Tee meets Sara Noberts, a gorgeous top advertising client executive and she’s a triple threat…to Dede Muenda.

Episode 10
In this heartwarming episode, Dede not only gets a reply on her application to her dream company but both mark their 6 months anniversary. All is going well until Tee opens up about a burden and Dede gets a tough phonecall.

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