LBW 030: Meet Toni Tones, Nollywood Actress, Musician and Photographer

Toni Tones is a talented and multifaceted woman with a passion for the creative arts. She discovered her passion as a young child and was allowed to explore her diverse talents. Today, she is a successful photographer, a singer-songwriter, a voice over artist and producer.

A graduate of The University of Lancaster in the United Kingdom where she studied Economics & Marketing, Toni Tones returned to Nigeria in 2009 with the intent to conquer all three worlds of music, film and photography. Her first foray was photography. Within three years of entering the photography industry, she successful made a name for herself and earned the recognition of Nigeria’s top corporate and creative brands as clients. By 2011, Toni Tones expanded her creative portfolio to add music to the mix. The following year, she added acting by landing a lead role as Halima in her first audition for the film ‘Gidi Culture.’

By 2013, she released her 1st single titled ‘I Know What You Like’ produced by Baby Fresh of Mavin Records.  The single helped attract attention for Tones as one to be taken seriously in the music industry.

Toni Tones joins Ms. Uduak, host of The Ladybrille Woman Podcast Show, in the 30th episode of the radio podcast show to discuss business leadership, breaking into the film, music and photography industry, financing her passion for the creative arts, her strong support system, her future and a lot more.  Listen and share with friends and family on and offline.

Where to Find Toni Tones.

Twitter: @iamTONITONES

Website: Toni Tones

Where to Find Host Ms. Uduak

Twitter: @uduaklaw

Website: www.msuduak.com

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