LBW 039: Meet Nancy Gale, Fashion Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Ladybrille Woman of the Month March 2016

Nancy Gale is an inspiring individual with a fascinating story of overcoming hardship (a victim of rape and a witness to the aftermath of her mother’s brutal murder) and creating something beautiful out of the pieces. Business owner, designer, mentor and passionate activist, Nancy has become a strong force not only in the entrepreneurial world, but also in shaping future generations. She is currently a leader in the emerging trend of exclusive, yet accessible authorities and her passion for giving has become an integral part of her business.

She is the creative force behind luxury handbag, men’s bag and accessory line, JAMAH. Founded in 2000, JAMAH has become the top pick of some of Hollywood’s most well known celebrities including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria and Channing Tatum. In 2014 she was chosen to design customized bags for a 1st American family and also had the honor of personally presenting them to Bill Clinton. The ‘Clinton Collection’ debuted at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Nigel, California and was a symbol of the brand’s emergence as a preeminent American Luxury Design house.

Nancy not only sought to create a luxury brand that values individuality and American craftsmanship, but also one that connects cause and commerce so intrinsically that one cannot exist without the other. In 2010, driven by her mission to give, Nancy started AMBITION, a non-profit entrepreneurial program that caters to underprivileged youth and fosters innovative thinking, confidence and a positive work ethic through collaborative hands-on participation and powerful connections with mentors and speakers. A visit with Richard Branson paved the way for an impressive roster of entrepreneurs and business owners to proudly take advantage of the opportunity to serve as mentors. Students are exposed to real-world business experience and given the resources necessary to feel confident in who they are as individuals as well as their futures. Nothing is impossible with AMBITION and students are reminded of that every day.

She speaks freely about the tragic events and hardships she has endured and how they have shaped who she is as well as her business. Nancy’s story of resilience makes her a powerful force, connecting with her students in AMBITION and proving to them that they can overcome anything and still make their dreams a reality. Nancy’s speaking engagements at universities and organizations allow her to impart her experience to inspire and motivate the entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.

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Anyone who invest in your business, if they are not able to live without that money permanently, you shouldn’t do it. ~Nancy Gale


  • Nancy’s overall personal philosophy.
  • Nancy’s personal background.
  • Nancy shares her story of launching Jamah, her fashion brand.
  • Nancy shares her story of launching Ambition, her non-profit.
  • Nancy dishes business advice.




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