#LadybrilleWoman Quote: Teresa Clarke

This week’s ‘Ladybrille Woman Quote’ comes from Teresa Clarke who is the President, Chairman, and CEO of Africa.com, and a former managing director at Goldman Sachs & Co. She defines what it means to be a brilliant woman. “A brilliant woman is someone who combines factual knowledge with extraordinary emotional intelligence.” Read her throwback inspiring here. …

LBW 022: Meet Uduak Oduok, Ladybrille Founder and Ladybrille Woman of the Month June 2015 #SpecialAnniversary Issue!

After eight years of using her Ladybrille platform to facilitate the growth of the African fashion and entertainment industries and celebrating the achievements of women entrepreneurs around the world, it’s finally time for Uduak Oduok (Ms. Uduak) to come from behind the “cameras” into the spotlight. In celebration of Ladybrille Magazine’s 8th anniversary, Ms. Uduak gives a profound exclusive interview where we get to meet and hear the side of her we have never witnessed before. As intelligent and inspiring as ever, this one is a must listen!

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Twitter: @uduaklaw
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Website: www.msuduak.com

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The LADYBRILLE WOMAN Show is the pioneer show for celebrating the brilliant woman (Ladybrille) and shinning the spotlight on African women entrepreneurs. The show features inspiring interviews from entrepreneurs with a heavy focus on women entrepreneurs. It also focuses on fashion law, marketing and promotions and business strategies. 

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Happy New Year Ladybrillers!

Happy New Year Ladybrillers! An official 2015 welcome from us to you. This year for us is about celebrating our strong community of women leaders and entrepreneurs. From education to music, film, fashion, science, media, technology, law, business, and much more, we will highlight your achievements through telling your compelling stories  and those of others …