LBW 019: Meet Rocco Leo Gaglioti, Fashion Media Icon and ‘Ladybrille Man’ of the Month (Special Feature)

He was picked on. Bullied. Called “fat boy” and spit on. Today, he is a 6ft 5in successful model turned fashion media icon. Rocco Leo Gaglioti appears on the 19th episode of the ‘Ladybrille Woman Podcast’ show, in a special Ladybrille Magazine feature honoring him, to share how he went from that bullied little boy to a successful owner of, his production company.  Fashion News Live, almost overnight, has become ranked as one of the top ten out of the 150 million fashion and celebrity sites around the world.

The ‘Ladybrille Man’ is a special feature honoring and celebrating men that have contributed immensely to their local and international communities. They are dynamic leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

Cover shot by Douglas Bassett.


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Website: Rocco Leo Gaglioti

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Twitter: FashionNewsLive

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