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Edi Gathegi Fierce Actor & Ladybrille Man of the Month

When Edi Gathegi walks into a room, the room itself, independent of its occupants; takes notice. Gathegi, from his posture to the way he navigates a room, oozes a strong sense of self and charisma that is hard to miss. When he does open his mouth to speak, what he has to say is in …

Entrepreneurs Film Magazine Editions

Editor’s Note: African Cinema, Celebrating the Rebirth of Africa’s Image Through Africa’s Eyes!

Happy New Month Ladybrille Readers! I am so happy writing you this note. Spring is here and it remains my favorite time of the year. Nope it has nothing to do with the fact that I have a birthday during Spring. *Coughs* (Mumbles) Cinco de Mayo. 🙂 I am happy because for us at Ladybrille, …