@StellaDamasus: “The horrible comments…helps me stay strong and determined to WIN WIN WIN”

What do you do when you receive horrible comments? Do you cave in and adjust yourself to the “haters” so they can quit with the “horrible comments” or do you encourage them to bring it on? If you are Nollywood actress and singer Stella Damasus, you encourage your haters to bring it on and you give them official notice that their horrible comments “helps you stay strong and WIN WIN WIN.”

Whether it is body shaming, or other forms of cyberbullying, we love seeing celebrities and non-celebrities refuse to be bullied or cower in fear. We like Damasus’ attitude.

This week, should you face any “haters” in your life, don’t let them get to you. Instead, use what they say to motivate you to succeed. In addition, as Ladybrille readers, don’t forget to take it a step further and nip the situation in the roots. If it is at the workplace, school or business environment go through all proper protocols to ensure the bullying stops. If it is online, utilize the tools by social media to report abuse, especially if it involves physical threats.

Read the note Damasus recently shared on her social media page.

“So my cousin sent me a message and told me how unhappy and sad she was to see horrible comments from people who don’t even know me or know my story. All they know is what they have heard or read from others who wrote or talked based on what they also read or heard.

My first response was “??????????”. The truth is that I am loving it all. If you don’t face a challenge in the things you are doing, how do you know the value of what you have? I am very happy to face it all because I have always loved challenges.

It helps me stay strong and determined to WIN WIN WIN. Another reason I am loving it is that for the first time in a long time I have seen more comments than ever. So all the brands I am looking to do business with have finally looked at my analytics and now they want to do more business with me.

When life throws you a curve ball, you better catch it and score the best goal. So thanks to everyone who has made this possible. I love you all. If you can’t control yourself please keep it coming, I need it for business. It is such a sweet thing to use your HATERS to make some QUICK MONEY.”

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