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On Saturday, the 2nd of June 2012,, a Nigerian owned online portal by Publicist Ono Bello which covers fashion entertainment and lifestyle news, held its first of several to come “Breakthrough Experience” event. The event is aimed at helping, uplifting and instilling self-confidence in women. The debut makeover and life-coaching event was held at The HairWhispers Den and Oreola Silks Showroom both in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Five women, all of who have been able to overcome depressing economic and financial hardships under the umbrella of Awesome Treasures Foundation, a faith based Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) that identifies, develops and deploys transformational leaders to positively affect Nigeria in line with the Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs) declared by the United Nations.

Awesome Treasure Foundation initiatives has changed lives for the better and has helped in empowering women through the provision of entrepreneurial and skills acquisition. The NGO has also come to be a safe haven for women that have encountered one form of violence or the other.

In addition to makeovers and life coaching, all five women took home some designer clothing and accessories provided by Duchess Boutique, Hair products provided by Sleek Beauty and beauty products provided by House of Tara.
Professional photographer Moussa Moussa was on hand to capture the before and after transformational looks through the pictures you see here.

Meet The Women & Share In Their Stories

Name: Bunmi Ekpoma
Occupation: Buying & Selling

“I have been a member of Awesome Treasure Foundation for six years now, the NGO has changed my life spiritually and has motivated and taught me to earn and multiply my income. Now I buy and sell wrappers and bed sheets for a living and I am able to take care of my family. It has also helped me to overcome some challenges I have faced in my personal life.

Today after seeing myself in the mirror, I feel beautiful and confident, I have never been pampered by anyone in this way in my life”.

Name: Chinyere Osuji-Eke Anyanwu
Occupation: Accountant

“Awesome Treasure Foundation has been a home to me for the past three years, through it I have been able to discover the inner me. The group programs has changed my way of thinking, now I feel I can do to better for my generation. What people see as problems, I see as challenges to making me a better person.

It was a big shock to see how I have transformed with this makeover, I did not expect this. I am very grateful. A big thank you want to aunty Jumoke Adenowo, founder of Awesome Treasure Foundation and also to you Ono and all the makeover team, I really appreciate everything”.

Name: Ifeoma Chikebe
Occupation: Primary School Teacher

“I joined Awesome Treasure Foundation in 2005, after I lost my mother, it was a very emotional time for me and the foundation and group classes and program helped me pass through that stage in my life. Things I felt I would not be able to do for myself, I can now do it for myself. I have been able to help two women, the first one I taught how to make snacks to sell and make little money, the second one needed help and wanted to start a business for herself. She wanted to start roasting corn and she needed N3, 000 which I gave her. The world is not a bed of roses as we all know, just trying to make ends meet matters.

Apart from teaching in the primary school also I do private home lessons, also, I am studying English at the Lagos State University, by the grace of God I will be rounding up soon”.

Name: Christie Ammisah
Occupation: Interior Decorator

“I joined Awesome Treasure Foundation four years ago after retiring from the Ministry work. I didn’t want to remain idle so I started looking for ways of earning a living that’s how I joined the women empowerment program. This group is not only for you to get empowered but to also empower someone else. So now I am using what I learn from our group programs to teach young girls between the ages of 13-19 the values of life and morals. I go to the streets in my neighbourhood in Olodi Apapa and get these teenagers. Today they are about 40 girls and we meet once a month where I talk with them, give their life a meaning.

I am 54 years old but look at me today, I feel 10 years younger, this makeover is an experience I will never forget, I will post the pictures on my Facebook page. Am a happy woman today”

Name: Oluwaseyi Oke
Occupation: Advertising Agency Accountant

“I stumbled on Awesome Treasure Foundation one day while I was watching television and I saw Jumoke Adenowo being interviewed and I said to myself that I would go for the prayer summit she was talking and which I did. Before then I was into a small-scale business and I was looking for answers to a lot of things because I knew something was missing, I am glad that I have found my answers.

A lot of people may not know but Initiatives and events like this one today make a lot of impact, I am going away feeling love, beautiful and cared for by other human beings who genuinely want to make a difference. I feel special”.

The Makeover Team
Thank you to all our sponsors who provided the clothes, accessories, hair and makeup the women are wearing and also for providing the location to hold the event- Duchess Boutique (Tope Adeboye), Designer Club (Ndidi Anyaehie), Sleek Beauty (Ify Ugochukwu), House of Tara (Tara Fela- Durotoye), The HairWhisper’s Den (Aislynn Adewale) and Oreola Silks Showroom (Kemi Agoro).

Finally a big thank you the team; Anehita Ojeabulu, Wayne Amamize and Seyi Omoyeni for assisting with the entire running around to make this a huge success.

Photoshoot Credits
Photography: Moussa Moussa
Creative Director: Ono Bello
Assistants Seyi Omoyeni, Anehita Ojeabulu & Wayne Amamize
Hair Provided by Ify Ugochukwu of Sleek Hair and Styled by Aislynn Adewale of The HairWhisper’s Den
Makeup: Vivian for House Of Tara
Clothes & Accessories Tope Adeboye of Duchess Boutique & Ndidi Anyaehie of Designer Club
Location: The HairWhisper’s Den (Aislynn Adewale) & Oreola Silks Showroom (Kemi Agoro)

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