Prolific, Nigerian Rap Stutterer, Inspires International Stuttering Community

Nigerian rapper Prolific Elvis was born with a speech impediment but has turned it into something positive helping and inspiring stuttering communities around the world. Prolific began rapping at twelve to express himself and to escape his impediment. He explains his hobby was driven by his immense passion for literature and reading about stutterers like Moses, Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Charles Darwin and Bruce Willis. These heroes helped him realize he could achieve anything he set his mind to. He is a musician, a self taught fine artist and speaks English, French and a little bit of Spanish. Listen to Prolific’s interview and songs here.

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  1. Rajesh Bhandari says:

    Great’s really inspirational for all of us..I wish I had the talent to sing my heart out in fluency. I am happy for you and I’d love to hear your music..

  2. Tito Da.Fire says:

    Nice drive man, appreciate what u r doin… keep keeping on. see u at the top.

  3. Izic says:

    Hey Elvis, i do really like your music especially the way you stutter with it… it makes you unique kinda like listening to it and will love too hear more of your songs… hope their going to be great just like this one"talk is cheap(they say)"… hope to hear ur jamz… peace…

  4. Francis Udey says:

    Hey Prolific,i can see ur doing great with your music stuff.keep it up man.cheers.

  5. Pramila says:

    Hey Prolific.

    Nice to see u in magazine.It proved that u have done lots of hardworking to get this level.U r d inspiration for all the stutters in the corner of the world.Keep it up.Good luck.Have a wonderful time.


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