Nice Purse, Now Can You Actually Show Us Where We Can Buy It?

Everyday on one social media network or another, it is not unusual to see beautiful purses made from African materials. These purses are so gorgeous and naturally, the next question is “where can I buy one?” That,however, is where the problem lies.

More efforts have to be made by both Nigerian and other African designers to make African fashion products more accessible, rather than limit the designs to only the world of persons who know the designers. There are many who would like to patronize these designers and their products but do not know how to access them.

If it means collaborating as designers and creating a solid plan, or going from door to door to market these products or whatever is feasible enough to get these products out into the world on a large scale, it must be done. Designers must also be aware of the fact that their products are in competition with cheap foreign made products, and therefore they need to think competitively. They could either strategise and tag the prices of their products at very affordable price points for the average person or develop other marketing strategies to increase the popularity of these products amongst Africans and Nigerians as a whole, and not only people who know them personally.

-Priscilla Bamfo
-House of Nodza Patchwork bag
-For the bags contact the designer at (

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