Music News: D’Banj & Snoop Dogg Release Proof of ‘Endowed’ Collabo (Video)

If you doubted one of Africa’s pop king D’Banj was doing a collaboration with American rapper Snoop Dogg, we’ve got the evidence to show it is true and real. D’banj recently released the video below, as proof, and to silence the many doubters that thought it impossible. Now we wait for the remixed ‘Endowed’ video!

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  1. Ibrahim says:

    men, this is great i know one day naija music will take off the world. I love this

  2. Lisa says:

    @African me tell them o.They have no idea what theyre getting into. I discussed this with a couple of friends not too long ago, i just hope they dont see us as mood-killers or ‘haters’..

    Africans believe in crafts and magick but they dont believe others like americans would be steeped in it. Entertainment world in hollywood is soo deep in it, it’d make your jaw drop!

    Wake up Africans…you want to make as much money as these artistes do?..better be ready to part with your soul. This is not a joke. I appreciate Mo’HITS..but this…this aint childsplay

    oh well, if they do…time will tell ut by then..hopefully they wont be far gone.

  3. tad says:

    I love snoop dog. Great to learn abt his new work!

  4. African abroad says:

    Oh my God, they are moving faster than I thought. listen guys, this is no good news, SNoop is part of the illuminaty occult group that are decieving people to exchange their soul for fame and money, he was part of the begining, set up and end of Tupac. hey were decieved also and they have become the deciever. just like Jz decieved and initiated beyouncy, beyouncy is now decieving younger arist.
    D`banj is well connected in Africa and once they get him, he can bring others to sell their soul to satan.
    they will promot and make rich anyone that sells heir soul but it brings torment and sorrow. they made MJ and also destroyed him when he wanted out. once you sell your soul to satan, their is no turning back.
    money is to give freedom but not with satan, they also make men sleep with most of this men, they make them available for sexual orgies and pass them around all the men on top, they do not have control over their lives again, yes they will have money but LIVING IN BONDAGE.
    D`banj in the music Industry can control that area for them in Africa, hey linking Genevieve like Jz and beyounce, THIS IS NOT GOOD AT ALL, then when they pull her in she can connect to other actors and actresses and also medels and hey satanic chain continues. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Africa PRAY. PRAY.. PRAY… someone should make Genevieve run far from this man now. he may have sold his soul for fame and money because snoop is a satanic fisher men.

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