Music: Emphirical, ‘Jealous Me’ (Audio)

London based talented music duo Haddy (Gambia) and Nkem (Nigeria) known as Emphirical deliver a catchy Afro-fusion single ‘Jealous me.’

“Emphirical (pronounced: EM-FEH-RI-CAL) is an eccentric R&B/POP female duo with powerful sounds tweaked with Afro fusion. The newly dubbed ‘next best thing from Africa’ continues to show promise and all the outstanding elements to grant them longevity and inevitable superstardom. One fan said, “I love these girls, they’re a crazy blend of Whitney Houston, Shania Twain, Beyonce and Lady Gaga rolled into two”.

Emphirical, Managed by Music Business Guru, Alex Yangs is the breath of fresh air that the R&B/POP music scene has been waiting for. The singer songwriters who are outstanding performers, dancers and fashionistas, have a hands-on approach enabling them to shine and present a very strong and unforgettable brand to fans and industry critics alike. The duo combines their love of music and sisterly bond based on strong foundation from early friendship, which has allowed the girls to continue to grow from strength to strength. The girls first met during a chemistry lesson six years ago and immediately formed a knot based on their love of singing. Their African heritage is a massive influence; allowing them to easily create the Afro fusion into their music genre.

The duo based in London, have performed at many prestigious events in the UK alongside some of Nigeria’s brightest including 9ice, Olu Maintain, Tony Tetuila and X-Project to name a few. With great collection of songs and performances under their belt, the sassy divas would be seen as a delicacy in the male dominated Nigerian Entertainment Industry.

Group Members
HADDY is originally from The Gambia, and was born in the United Kingdom. She has demonstrated her desire to be an entertainer ever since she could walk. Haddy is constantly striving for an equal balance between her singing and dancing. Her main iconic influences are Whitney Houston, India Arie, Lauren Hill and Beyonce. At the moment Haddy is studying Medicine at the university, as well as being co-writer on the Emphirical Debut Album “STOP & STARE”. Haddy enjoys putting her time to God, her family, her music and her studying. She wants Emphirical to be seen as global icons in the near future.

Nkem was born in Nigeria and spent various years traveling around the world. She first fell in love with music at age 5, unaware that her passion would only grow. Nkem demonstrates boundless potential in many areas. When she is not studying applied IT at the university, Nkem enjoys putting her time to God, her family and her music. Not only is Nkem a talented singer she is also co-writer on the Emphirical Debut Album “STOP & STARE”. Inspired by Marvin Gaye and Aaliyah, she sees Emphirical as the blueprint for the modern R&B/POP girl group out of Africa.’ ~bio by Emphirical



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