Mark of Uru Animation Story by Obinna Owuekwe

‘Mark of Uru’ is an animated web series written and directed by Obinna Owuekwe and produced by Segun Williams. The animation story set within the Igbo tradition follows the challenges of a young girl, Azuka, born with a ‘cursed’ birthmark. Owuekwe also lends his voice to two of the characters: The Warrior and Isi Agu. The costumes and makeup are delightful and the series which has a woman empowerment theme embedded in it, is simply brilliant. You can also hear varied accents mostly Igbo and Efik.

Mark of Uru I

Mark of Uru 2

Mark of Uru 6

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  1. Chris says:


  2. Thats really innovative, these guys are great. I promise you, lots more are coming from this Mark of uru guys…

  3. Awesone work all the team of «Mark of Uru», my sister and I are impressed to see how Africans can make such a high quality animation! Keep it up guys, never give up! I can’t wait to watch more African Tales from you guys!

    God Bless You!

    Sisters from Cameroon & Canada

  4. Zy'asia Goddesss says:

    Thank you very much Ms.Owuekwe I much appreciate a cartoon that my babies can watch cause it’s really for the kids to all you hater , basiclly cause there’s no profanity , there no empowerment and beastly actions that alot of people misconceive africans to be. Please give us more for you should realize by this moment you will never satisfy the world cause their judgement is clouded by what they preceive to be the real world NEWS FLASH there are other worlds a beings beside the visual open your mind and research. {Nibiru is here everyone}:-o

  5. Keep Creating…

  6. I think it looks great, even if there is a lot that needs to be worked onw hen it comes to the motion and voice dubbing, and I’m glad the creator decided not to do anything stereotypically ‘African’.

  7. lola says:

    @ ayisat true talk……for me this is garbage nothing african, not even the characters, they look scary, jeeeeeeeez. do something better plsssssssss

  8. for all its worth why does the intro sound like the opening to a star wars remake. need some african drums and goings. if you gonna do Africa. DO AFRICA.

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