LOOKBOOK: N.A.C.K – Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection by Akinpeloye Tolulope aka Luto Tailo

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N.A.C.K (Nigerian Articulate Culture Kullection) is a fashion brand with international quality established since 2006 by Akinpeloye tolulope aka Luto Tailo who happens to also be the creative director behind the N.A.C.K brand. He describes the brand as a fusion of all Nubian Cultures, articulated in interplay of fashion equilibrium.  It’s an inspiration, an identity, an impetus that instills self into people all over the world. N.A.C.K is globally educative, empowering and very fashionable.

N.A.C.K is a brand that explores the social awareness and trends of today’s modern society people; the urban population within the ages of (16-45), both sexes.

N.A.C.K’s bold approach to casual wears for both sexes has caught on like wild fire amongst young people all over the nation; creating a viral need and yearning towards association with the brand.

From its early tender beginnings at Covenant University Nigeria,  N.A.C.K’s commitment to fashion remains the same to open up to citizens that believe in a true culture of urban and free fashion; fashion that reveals the person and promotes image; fashion that transforms, inspires and empowers.

Today, N.A.C.K has become a movement of sort; a name people have come to accept and trust; receiving a massive followership from the youth community across ABC socio economic class like never before.

NACKesoteric” is a stylish kullection, as always, with ‘ready to wear’ stand out pieces, made up of maxi dresses, shorts, leather tops and the N.A.C.Ky polo, which gives everyone the freedom to dress in a way that inculcates confidence in them.










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