Lola Adesioye Discusses Sandra Bullock and her Black Baby on the Joy Behar Show, today at 4:15pm EST

Three months after the adoption of a black baby, Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock appeared on the cover of People magazine in a world exclusive looking like a happy mother with her newly adopted baby Louis. The reaction, however, from the public has been not so happy. Yet another white celebrity trying to save another poor black child, are some of the comments online and offline.

Why so much drama over her adoption? At the end of the day, black or white, aren’t babies entitled to a safe, loving and permanent home?

Social and Political commentator and writer Lola Adesioye, of Nigerian heritage, weighs in on the debate at 4:15pm on Joy Behar’s Tell it as it is show. Be sure to watch Lola!

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  1. konnie says:

    I wish her and her child Gods blessing. gorgeous pikin and mama.

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