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“Dear Woman…You Are Not Better Than her… BUILD Up, Don’t Tear Down” ~Lami Phillips

LAMI PHILLIPSThe topic of why many women tear each other down is one that has always been and remains fascinating to me. I was raised in a home where I was taught to be extremely supportive of women. Lest I forgot, the harshness towards women in the society I was raised (Nigeria) reminded me of the need to stick together with my fellow girls/women folk. Yet, I am often reminded how much women do tear each other down and I wonder why. What is it about us women that makes us unwilling to help a fellow  woman out? Why do many of us feel so threatened by the success of another and why is this division so amplified in our communities of color? I’d like your take on it Ladybrillers.

In the meantime, Nigerian-American R&B singer Lami Phillips, who is now based in Nigeria, has always been a big proponent of women supporting each other. So, to some extent, it is no surprise she took to social media this morning to share her words of wisdom on the topic. Check out what she has to say below.

“Dear woman…10/10 you are not better than her. If you were you would find a way to build her up not tear her down. You bless yourself in doing so because you are reminded of your own imperfections. If you pull her down, you are behind her.. Because those ahead have no time or space for negativity…Their time is way too valuable to stop and be spiteful. If they do take time to criticize its always to build up and to learn. Note to self and all; you are not perfect and before you take time out to kill another woman’s vibe remember to ask yourself:” what does this have to do with me”? “Does she give two shakes of a camel toe about my opinion”? “Am i perfect”? *sips tea (bloody diet doesn’t allow coffee)* Good morning! #complimentHERcampaign#celebratingwomen #buildupdontteardown’” ~Lami Phillips 



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