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Ladybrille Woman of the Month, Abenaa Frempong-Boadu

abenaa2Since this is the month of celebrating African Modelpreneurs it only made sense we make sure, especially for our Catwalk Queens and YOU of course, that we tell you about the new and best kept secret in town where you can find fabulous, sophisticated, sexy and comfortable shoes for real women. Yes, real women. The sizes go up to 14! Our gorgeous Ladybrille Woman of the Month, singer, songwriter and TED Global Performer Abenaa Frempong-Boadu is our go to woman. Boadu recently launched Gywneth Shoes, which she co-owns with her sister-in-law Gwen. In this interview with LADYBRILLE.com, she chats with us about her music, upcoming album and of course how you can own a pair of sexy Gywneth shoes! Enjoy.
LADYBRILLE.com:[ Heyyy Abenaa! ] Congratulations on your shoe line! Please tell our readers a bit about you?
Hi Uduak, thanks for including me in Ladybrille. I’m a musician, a singer-songwriter, a music lover. I’ve written for other artists, but my main focus is my own music, my own stories and that’s where it truly starts for me. People often describe my debut CD, Tuesday’s Child’, as an eclectic record – it’s simply a reflection of who I am. As the daugther of a Ghanaian dad and Trinidadian mom, I’ve experienced life in different cities, on different continents, absorbing what’s around me only to spit it back out from my own perspective. I guess I’m a reporter of sorts but my journals are my songs. I’m grateful that people enjoy my music because that allows me the opportunity to continue doing what I love. These days I can be found making music, living in New York, and doing a lot of traveling.

LADYBRILLE.com:You’ve been an artist st for so long. Why venture into shoe designing? Abenaa: Well actually, Gwyneth Shoes was my sister in law’s vision. Gwen had been designing shoes for years for major companies like Kenneth Cole and Steve Madden. When she was ready to venture out on her own it truly was a no-brainer to support it. After all, she’s sold millions of pairs for other companies and most of us have already been wearing her designs. Working with Gwen has been a crash course in the shoe design industry and coming from a family of independent thinkers and entrepreneurs, Gwyneth Shoes became another business venture.

LADYBRILLE.com: What sets Gywneth shoes apart from other brands?
With Gwyneth Shoes, women don’t have to sacrifice comfort for beauty. Gwyneth shoes are created with patented comfort features, but these are not your typically ugly comfort shoe. They feel good, but still look hot!

LADYBRILLE.com: I am glad you decided to venture into larger sizes. What was the reasoning behind that?Abenaa: Beautiful women come in all sizes – so should beautiful shoes. Gwyneth shoes go up to size 14 and you’d be surprised how many orders have been filled in size 14. Future plans include introducing narrow and wider widths to truly accommodate many different sizes with comfortable, sexy shoes.

LADYBRILLE.com: For our readers who are retailers, where do they contact you to purchase your designs for their stores?
It’s best to make contact through the website http://www.gwynethshoes.com/. Available styles can be viewed on line and questions can be directed to [email protected].

LADYBRILLE.com:For our readers who want to own a pair, where do they go to purchase Gwyneth shoes?
You can certainly purchase Gwyneth shoes on line at www.gwynethshoes.com. You can also find a list of current retailers on the site as well.

LADYBRILLE.com: You make very beautiful music and have performed at the TED Global Conference. What next for you with your music career?
Thank you! What’s next? I’m currently in the studio finishing up my new CD. I’m really loving these songs so far and I’m looking forward to sharing them on stage. I’m excited – it’s a good time.

LADYBRILLE.com: Thanks Abenaa for the interview.
Abenaa: Thank you Uduak, it’s been a pleasure.

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