Ladybrille Music: Rihanna is 10,000 Miles Apart in ‘California King Bed’

California King Bed- and to sum up this enthusiastic and endearing ballad- it is just that. Rihanna creates a king bed of realistic emotions, beautifully touched by the raw feelings that we all encounter when love strikes.

The video seeks an ‘Only Girl (In the World)’ scenario, except this time Rihanna encircles herself in a dreamy-like large space, fully clad with ripe greenery, scenic blue skies and white clouds fit for the monster of a star that inhabits it’s surroundings.

Without further discussion, I feel the need to firstly address that Rihanna takes an affirmative turn away from the chart-topping Umbrella, Disturbia, What’s My Name and more recently S&M tracks to heartily work a Soft Rock/Pop ballad. Produced by U.S based group, The Runners (Rick Ross, Yung Jeezy, T.I), they too shy away from tested Hip Hop sounds and help to spark a new fire.

Her signature weak-ranged, yet powerfully groping voice on this Soft Rock base may strike the doubt receptors in your brain when calculating the expectant quality of this track. Actually, Rihanna impresses beyond normal measure. The verses carry enough simplicity to dramatise and mirror a subtext- which is the all encompassing satisfaction that this love brings. She feels no need to over-explain it, instead it is calm preparation for when she cranks it up on the emotion fueled chorus.

After a splendid guitar riff, the track breaks down and although the camera’s concentration lays with her two piece underwear/outerwear attire, for once the familiarly sexy Rihanna is slightly toned down, as we’d rather listen in awe to an explanation detailing the feelings that almost balance love and pleasure with fear and anger: “Wanna ask you if you love me, but I don’t wanna seem so weak.”

A great piece of music from the 45 million singles selling (and growing) artist. Indeed we’ve heard such exciting ballads in Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing (1998) and Beyonce’s If I Were a Boy (2008), thus Rihanna could possibly create her own landmark with California King Bed.

P.S that man is hot! Agree with me ladies!

-Maria Okanrende

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