Ladybrille Music: P Square Proves, If It Ain’t Broke,Don’T Fix It With ‘Bunie Ya Enu’ and ‘Forever’

The boys are back in town… yes Africa’s hot bod brothers, known officially as P Square, slap us with a double whammy comeback: Bunie Ya Enu and Forever.

Observing both singles, it’s easy to conclude that they are hardly steps away from what fans are used to. It seems the term currently circulating in regards to these guys is, “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Bunie Ya Enu (meaning ‘Lift him/her up’ in Nigerian language Igbo) starts off sounding like something you’d hear on a European dancefloor, as Dance heavily influences it’s sound,  making this a product of ‘Afro Dance.’ Still, the boys lay content in their comfort zone, evident in the beat’s similarity to past songs such as 2009’s hit Danger. As they recall that “back then no one sent for me” (which could translate to “back then no one paid attention to me”), it reminds us that their Western blend of music diversified both the Nigerian and African music markets, however we want to see them surpass this. Also, the track’s repetitive beat appears endless, but perfect for the club crowd.

It was only a few years back when P Square conquered all with their double dose of love, spread by the release of massive singles No One Like You and Ifunanya. Yep, you guessed it, Forever carries a similar taste, however this time round, it’s composition is slightly reminiscent of Afropop master D’banj’s major hit Fall in Love (2009). In comparison to Bunie Ya Enu, they do prove that when it comes to lovesong making, it’s hard to fault the brothers, and their further incorporation of American Funk-Soul group De Barge’s 1982 classic I Like It sweetens the deal, making it a treat for all.

No strangers to success, P Square have racked up incredible achievements, ranging from selling tens of millions of albums worldwide to receiving recognition from the MTV Africa Music Awards, BET and the UK’s MOBO (Music of Black Origin) awards. Like icing on the cake, their brand has also just expanded with news of new act May D signing to their label Square Records. So as we await the release of their fifth album this July, we wonder if success will become like their sound- not broken, so not fixed?

-Maria Okanrende

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