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Ladybrille Fashion Police- Thula Sindi Audi Joburg Fashion Week 2010 A/W

Last week Thula Sindi told BBC, he wouldn’t “be caught dead” in the new designs by the ANC promoting FIFA 2010 in South Africa. That is exactly how we feel about some of the designs he showed this season at Audi Joburg Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010. The Ladybrille women in us would not be caught dead in them. Accordingly, Ladybrille Fashion Police is charging Thula Sindi with “Designing Clothes Brilliant Women Would Not be Caught Dead in,” under Ladybrille Fashion Penal Code (LFPC).  Here are some of the less than brilliant designs that graced the runway this past Audi Joburg Fashion Week. For Thula Sindi A/W 2010 review click here.

Seriously, like, what is this? Are we expected to deal with the drama of this dress that keeps revealing our crotch?

We get Thula’s love for leopard prints and black lace. But, he’s gotta be kidding if he expected us to rock this?

Where are we going with this? To work, to the club, to dinner? Either way, something is missing? The other half, maybe?

This outfit bothers us a lot. It is one thing to have black lace sewn around the hips area but what is with the hideous purple zip?

~Photocredit: Simon Deiner/SDR Photo

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