Korto Momolu on Project Runway All Star Challenge Tonight!

KortoCatch the very Ladybrille designer and one of America’s favorite Project Runway contestant, Korto Momolu, tonight on Lifetime for the Project Runway All-Stars Challenge!” The show premieres 8PM/EST, 7PM/CST on Lifetime followed by the Season Premiere of Project Runway Season 6 @ 10PM/EST, 9PM/CST & The All New “Models of the Runway” @ 11PM/EST, 10PM/CST!

If you missed our iexclusive nterview with Korto, which was the first ever exclusive interview she gave as a contestant on Project Runway, read all about it here !

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  1. Stephenie says:

    As a Liberian myself I couldn't be prouder of Korto. She is a full representation of a Liberian woman. She is a great role model for younger women and those in Liberia. Dreams do come true and we should never give up as long as you know who you are and have the talent. Go Korto all the way.

  2. Brenda Gran says:

    Korto should have won. Period. Can't figure out why she didn't.???? To me, no one came close to her. Her black restaurant dress would have been a show-stopper on Nine's Red Carpet! Not to take away the talents of the other designers, however, her work is in a league above and beyond.

    Her sillouettes, designs and workmanship are spot on and impeccable.

    Too bad she didn't get her due. I wish her unending success.

    She is a fabulous designer.

  3. Ashley Johnson says:

    I personaly believe Korto should have won project runway season five and the ALL STAR challenge as well. She is a brilliant designer. I dont know what it is with the judges but I feel that they are not giving Korto her props (winning!) If you put her collection next the person that won, Its no doubt she blew him out of the water. Lets keep it real! Yes, I believe that growth is great but one must give credit to whom credit is due!

    She's the best!

  4. I love Korto's work. I'll be watching for sure.

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