Kanellia-French Hair Care & Beauty Brand-Enters Nigeria Market

Nigeria’s beauty and retail industries continues to see the entrance of multi-nationals and medium sized businesses penetrating its local markets. This is not necessarily a bad thing so long as these companies are creating jobs and employing our local industry professionals. The latest entrant into Nigeria’s beauty retail market is French hair care and beauty brand Kanellia.

Here is the information received from the company’s PR representative(s).
French Hair Care And Beauty Brand Kanellia, Comes To Nigeria

Kanellia, the French Hair Care and Beauty brand berths in Nigeria. Laila Adji, CEO of Sultana Consultant is the franchise owner of the Kanellia brand in Nigeria.

The hair and beauty brand came into being in 1992 when Sandrine Jeanne-Rose, a young woman of Franco-West Indian origin, decided to start her own brand of hair care and beauty products. After an in-depth study of the characteristics of curly, frizzy and straightened hair their specific needs, Sandrine Jeanne-Rose decided to create the Kanellia company for designing, manufacturing and distributing her own brand.

In 2007 motivated by the same passion and the same natural high standards, Laboratoires ACE, beauty product specialists for more than 30 years, went into partnership with Kanellia with the aim of offering the very best ethnic beauty care treatments and products.

Today, a team of specialists constantly works on new formulations and ever more high-performance products on the cutting edge of innovation, with all the scientific rigour required by ethnic beauty products at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, leaving nothing to chance.

Kanellia’s aim is to bring you the very best products for enhancing your natural beauty. In order to do so the brand has made a commitment to respect the specificities of curly, frizzy and straightened hair to produce excellent quality and high-performance formulae, all of which are subject to the scientific rigour required by cosmetology innocuous products, all tested under dermatological control.

High quality formulae, all created with natural active ingredients, plant extracts, essential oils, marine
active ingredients that contains no Vaseline, no colorants, no parabens and products are not tested on animals.

Hair Product Range

Moisturizing Shampoo
Specially developed for daily maintenance of hair curly, frizzy and relaxed, the Nourishing Shampoo cleans the hair gently. Its assets carefully selected to help protect the hair fibre. It is rich in avocado oil and rich in essential fatty acids, the formula regenerates the hair and limits its water loss.

How To Use
Apply to wet hair. Lather. Make small circular movements with your fingers to stimulate the scalp. Rinse, pat dry.

Moisturising Balm
This is specially developed for daily maintenance of hair curly, frizzy and relaxed, the conditioner provides flexibility, vitality and shine to hair. The sweet almond oil is rich in vitamin E and castor oil, the formula nourishes, untangles the hair and jacket.

How To Use
With or without rinsing. Apply the balm throughout the hair and massage 4-5 minutes. Flush or not. If the hair is very dry and very damaged, do not rinse.

Exfoliating Shampoo

Specially formulated for curly hair, frizzy and relaxed hair, this shampoo is ideal for exfoliating maintenance scalps assaulted and suffocated. Its gentle and soap free formula cleanses without irritating her scalp. Also rich in jojoba beads, the formula helps remove impurities, which get stuck at the root, stifling and weakening the hair. It allows to restore your hair strong and vibrant.

How To Use
Apply parting on the scalp, massage gently a few minutes. Wet, lather and rinse.

Bath Oils
The Bath Oils is particularly recommended for regenerating the hair dry, dull and tired to restore their lustre, suppleness and shine. It is rich in carrot oil and wheat germ oil, its formula helps to regenerate and soften the hair, and its formula nourishes hair dull and tired.

How To Use
Wash hair with nourishing shampoo rinse and dry. Apply the oil bath, massage and then put a warm, moist towel on his head. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse. Make a shampoo again.

Care Nutrition
It is specially formulated for curly hair, curled and uncurled, Care Nutrition is ideal to prepare the hair for styling. Its assets carefully selected to help restore your hair shiny, softer, easier to comb. It is formulated with vitamin B5, a source of benefits and known for its nourishing properties, is particularly suited to relaxed hair.
How To Use
Without rinsing, apply to dried hair while massaging the scalp. Then proceed to drying, then the styling.

Moisturising Concentrate
Specially formulated for curly hair, curled and uncurled, Moisturising Concentrate is ideal as a finishing product for hair and make hair shine. It is rich in castor oil, jojoba oil and wheat germ oil, its formula is a concentrate of vegetable oils that nourishes, protects and restores vitality to the hair without weighing it down.

How To Use
Apply to towel dried or dry hair, without rinsing and like finish.

Serum Anti-Fall
Specially formulated for hair loss kinky, curly and straightened, the Serum Anti-fall promotes a better anchoring of the hair in the scalp. It is rich in cocktail of vitamin H, B5 and B6 and a complex anti-hair loss, its formula is involved in slowing hair loss while promoting the growth of existing hair.
How To Use
For best results, apply daily, massaging the scalp well. In course of four months.

DOS Drypoint
Specially formulated for curly hair, curled and uncurled, SOS drypoints Kanellia helps reduce water loss from the hair and softens dry and damaged ends.

How To Use
Work 3 to 4 drops of product between your fingers before applying for massages on the points. SOS drypoints should be applied daily without rinsing.

Vegetable Wax
Essential for brittle dry hair! This product is specially designed for styling curly hair, curled and uncurled, this product nourishes and adds shine to hair. Its complete formula with vegetable oils combined with shea butter and vitamin E is ideal for perfect styling hair straightened.

How To Use
In styling, heat in the palm of the hands a small amount of wax and then complete the styling. Do not rinse.


Ultra Smoothing Shampoo
This is for hair ready to be smoothed, without putting up any resistance! Specially designed for curly, frizzy and straightened hair, this shampoo cleanses the hair and prepares it for a smooth style. Its formula cleanses while making hair smooth and soft. Rich in argan oil and essential fatty acids, its formula nourishes the hair making it shiny and full of vitality.

How To Use
Apply to wet hair, massage it in, leave to work for one minute, then rinse. For an optimum result, complete your shampoo with Kanellia Ultra-smoothing mask and Ultra-smoothing thermo-gel.

Ultra Smoothing Mask
The Ultra-Smoothing Mask is a true beauty ritual for hair styled with a straightening iron. Its active ingredients make hair easier to detangle and ready to be smoothed without, putting up any resistance. It contains argan and vegetal oils and its formula contributes day after day to smoothing, softening and nourishing the hair.

How To Use
Apply the mask to your hair at least once a week. Massage it in from the roots to the ends of your hair. To increase its efficacy, wrap your head in a hot towel and leave the mask to work for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Ultra Smoothing Thermo Gel
Heat-resistant Ultra-Smoothing Thermo-Gel prepares the hair for smoothing. Its subtle selection of active ingredients protects the hair fibre from the heat of hairdryers and straightening irons. Contains argan oil helps to nourish the hair. Hence hair regains bounce and shine.

How To Use
Spread 1 to 2 blobs of Ultra-smoothing thermo-gel through your hair, massaging it in from the roots to the ends. Comb through and dry your hair. Proceed with smoothing using your hair straighteners. For an optimum result, use Ultra-smoothing thermo-gel after Ultra-smoothing shampoo and Ultra-smoothing mask.


Soda Free Hair Relaxer Kit
Unique and specially formulated for all types of hair, irrespective of its nature (thick, difficult, fine, normal, curly, frizzy…), the Hair-straightening Kit is the essential product for naturally straightened hair or permanent straightening. It contains shea butter- an active ingredient renowned for its nourishing properties, ideal for dry, brittle and damaged hair. It also contains coconut oil- an active ingredient renowned for its nourishing properties; it revitalises and protects the hair while making it shiny. Rich in Avocado and fatty acids, it helps to make the hair and scalp supple.

This kit contains: 1 Soda-free Cream + 1 Activator lotion + 1 Neutralising shampoo with coloured indicator + 1 Moisturising balm

How To Use
Read the instructions contained in the kit carefully before use.

Prices for products sell at a range of N3, 700 – N6, 600 only.

Exclusive Distributor: Sultana Consultant
Address: Plot 1625b Saka Jojo Street
Victoria Island, Lagos
Tel: +234 (0) 815 262 9075
(Email: [email protected])


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