'JOZI KINGS,' Nigerian Immigrant Caught in Drug Web in SA Premieres Nationwide Sept. 24th, 2010

Nigerians, unfortunately, enjoy a negative image in South Africa (SA) with SA media defining who Nigerians are in the eye of the SA public. New movie ‘Jozi Kings’ sheds some light on this negative image through the eyes of a Nigerian immigrant who finds himself in SA in search of greener pastures but gets caught up in an SA local gang. Does the film promote the negative stereotypes of Nigerians in SA? We don’t know as we haven’t seen it yet. You will have to tell us after you watch the premiere. See press release and trailer below for more details. The film premieres in Silverbird Cinemas across Nigeria on September 24th, 2010.
“On Friday, 24th of September 2010, A gripping new movie directed by John Boyton and Nigerian filmmaker, Justice Umeh premieres in cinemas nationwide. The movie is inspired by hard-hitting issues faced everyday in South Africa – smuggling, rape and fraud. Black Irish production really does bring to the screen, a story worth watching.

“I wanted to write about the everyday life on the street that people face, mostly foreigners but as well as indigenes. And it took me about three months to write the script,” Director Justice Umeh told African Screens about the film.

“The film deals mainly on the issue of drug smuggling, but it also touches on other issues, like rape and fraud,” added Umeh.

JOZI KINGS tells the ordeal of Chuks, a Nigerian who traveled to South Africa in search of greener pasture only to form an alliance with a small time South African crook and eventually take over the drug cartel industry – rising to the top of the hierarchy, earning the ‘KING OF JOZI’ address.

JOZI KINGS is bound to change the look of Nollywood and raise the bar with this new movie by Black Irish productions. The movie was shot in South Africa with the best props including 5D Mark ii camera over a period of 18 days and is set for release before Christmas.

To kick off release plans, movie audience and cinema goers across Nigeria can see the film premiered in cinemas – Silverbird and Genesis deluxe Cinemas in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Anele Beke, the lead actor and several other cast/crew members would be present at the Premiere at Silverbird Cinemas and Genesis Deluxe Cinemas in Lagos on the 24th September, 2010. The movie will also be shown at several other cinemas outside Lagos, in Port Harcourt and Abuja.” ~Press Release from Jozi Kings.

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  1. Samuel says:

    Guys it’s high time you started thinking to see and work the other way round, positively. Bad story telling on Nigerians steals on the national image well meaning Nigerians are trying to build. I think we have enough of that coming from South Africa. You guys at “Black Irish” (what a name?) may think you want to entertain or make a brisk living out of your “Jozi” movie but I think you’ll leave a stale and no new useful lesson but end up stirring more hatred and negative emotions towards Nigeria by other nations and these include nations who are worse off by themselves on crime. What will you have gained if in effect Nigerian film makers and actors left the largest number of crime stories for your children and the rest of the world to mock? DO NOT CAMPAIGN Nigerians as the the worst of people to live with. Let it not be for your creative drought or your access to a 5D camera. Let it not be for your belly’s sake. ENOUGH!

  2. ‘JOZI KINGS,’ Nigerian Immigrant Caught in Drug Web in SA Premieres Nationwide Sept. 24th, 2010

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