Jazz it Up With the Sexy Zamajobe

ZamajobeZamajobe’s powerful, beautiful, sexy voice, laced with a slight breathless edge and raw emotions, is probably what stops most in their tracks when they first hear her. Although relatively new to South Africa’s music scene, Zamajobe is nevertheless all the rave.

Signed with Sony BMG Africa, Zamajobe’s Ndawo Yami album got her nominated in four categories at the 2005 South Africa Music Awards: Best New Comer, Best Jazz Vocal Album, Best Joint composition [done with Erik Pilani], and Best Engineer. The gorgeous Zamajobe was very busy in the studio preparing for her next album when we got in touch with her for this interview. She, nevertheless, made a little time for us so you could get to meet her. When she makes her way, especially to the USA, know you got to know her, first, at

Zamajobe has also agreed to give one lucky Ladybrille winner an autographed copy of her Album Ndawo Yami. Act now because you’ve got only six days left before our contests expires! Click this link to see how to win a copy of Zamajobe’s “Magical” Ndawo Yami album.

GIVE ME THAT MAGIC Hi Zamajobe! How are you?
Zamajobe:Fabulous! A buddy of mine told me about you and he said, “You have to listen to her. You’ll love her.” I did! Your voice is so jazzy, sexy, and mature!
Zamajobe: Thank you and that’s very good tohear. I hear you have heavy influences from Christian and Gospel music, tell us about that?Zamajobe: I grew up going to church and singing in the choir. My Pastor was and still is one of the very best gospel musicians in SA, he is a very passionate and original artist and under his influence that’s when I fell deeply in love with music. So that’s when it all started for me. So, overall, how would you describe your musical style?
African funk and a little bit of jazz and soul. Where do you find inspiration for your songs?
Somewhere inside of me and also through the meaning of life. Before we get into your album and its huge success so far, take our audience back to the Idol contest in South Africa [like American Idols]. I understand you were involved in the 2003 competition?Zamajobe: I was in the top ten and it’s been magic ever since! Okay, so your ALBUM! I love “Magic” and “Ndawo Yami.” Magic is outstanding! What was the inspiration and who are you asking to show you how it feels to be loved? [smiles]
[smiles] Anybody who can. You are a mother now. Congratulations! How is that balancing act?
My little girl is a blessing. Her smile makes everything that’s difficult seem easy.

Ndawo Yami Alright some few random questions for you.

What’s the South African Music Scene like now?
the SA music scene is growing from strength to strength. We have to keep working on our skills and collectively make a difference. What are the main staples in your closet?
: jeans and converse. What’s your favorite color lipstick?
Brown How do you like to wear your hair?
Zamajobe: Do you plan on performing in the USA or Europe anytime soon?
I would love to. I have to find people I could work with in the different places. Where can our readers purchase your songs/CD?
through Kalahari dot net i.e. Thanks Zamajobe, keep giving us that magic!
Zamajobe: Thank you.
You can also visit Zamajobe’s site,

~by Uduak Oduok

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