Is Nigeria Really “None Of” Your Business?

“By Ikechukwu Enyiagu

Nigeria’s script played by Nigerians:

Nigerian Politician, alias “Mr. Genesis”: Since the British left, I’ve been in politics one way or the other and its corrupt platform enabled me to squeeze out more than enough for my children and their lines yet unborn. So, you see, I’m not concerned anymore, as you may still wrongly imagine, whether Nigeria moulds or melts; it’s none of my business. After all, my family is overseas in one of my mansions. Oh! I love America and Britain.

Usman: As long as I am at the top of what’s going on in the polity and an advantaged beneficiary of the federally-arranged loot of public funds, I’m OK. So far, I’m not sure if my lineage will ever be able to finish up my wealth-I have them is Swiss, USA, Britain, Saudi…everywhere. I’m very rich and you are not richer than me. Who cares if Nigeria burns and for what? All my children are aboard, anyways.

Gbenga: Sometimes, you people make fun of yourselves; how much do you have, in the first place? See, I know how to play my cards well; I know how to rub Mr. Genesis to pay Usman, and how to rub Usman to pay Mr. Genesis; but my profits always outweigh. You see, no matter how poor I get, I’ll never be as poor as Dangote. So, how does Nigeria concern me in any way? I don’t care!

Okeke: That’s why I’ve said that you all are very wicked, selfish and lazy… and yet you call me names. I don’t have to wait for government money or good governance in other to make money-I’ll look for money anyhow, anywhere. This country has deprived me so much, so, I’m going my own way-I’ll manufacture anything, travel to everywhere, do all kinds of deals, enter every whole as long as I can find my own money there. And so far, I’ve made enough for my family and myself-enough to build me a house with fence so my neighbour won’t have to disturb my peace. Do you think I care about Nigeria anymore? I don’t! To hell with Nigeria! . . .” More on Nigeria Master Web Daily News.


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