Fr3style 'ARIWO KO' ft. Brace 2010 Brilliant Music Video of the Year!

Nigeria’s music industry has produced some really strong videos in 2010. But, in our opinion, the newest video by Fr3Style titled ‘Ariwo ko’ ft. Brace is probably the best we have seen this year for so many reasons. Fr3style who took a three year break from the music industry returns refreshed, creative, innovative and sets the bar on how to make music that embraces the Western culture (hip-hop) yet proudly retains and celebrates the Nigerian identity and culture.

Accordingly, for us at, he wins our vote for 2010 Brilliant Music Video of the Year.

Check out why he gets our vote and enjoy the video!

Song: ‘Ariwo Ko’ (This is not noise). ‘Ariwo Ko’ is a rhythmic dancehall song with a fusion of highlife and fuji. ‘Ariwo Ko’ shows Fr3style’s versatility as he experiments with beats, new sounds, song themes, concepts yet maintains the distinctive element of rap music.
Genre: Fusion of hip-hop, dancehall, fuji
Fuji Music: Fuji music is a popular genre of music in Nigeria historically attracting older audiences, 40-55 onwards. Modern Fuji musicians are making a lot of effort to attract young people. Fr3style combines Fuji in his latest song in an effortless manner that is sure to attract, young and old.
Language: Yoruba, English & Pidgin
Contribution to Nigeria’s Fashion Industry: Heavy and well executed use of Nigerian Fabrics (Aso Oke, Ankara etc.) & Accessories.
Other Cultural Elements: Nigerian drums

~Uduak Oduok
~Courtesy photo

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  1. cool video, nice fusion of both african and foreign sturvs. check hot sturvs here

  2. SOLUTION says:

    Broder nice one,now i got some one to look up to when i release mime.Joo

  3. Dare says:

    Men is been a while my brother, long time Unilag niger cafe , Good Job on this record man. all the best man, make sure you let me know when you are in the U.S we putting show’s together.
    Good to see you .

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