FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Yahoo! Inc. Lags Behind Ladybrille Media in Spotlighting Korea’s Music Industry


Yahoo! Inc Lags Behind Ladybrille Media in Spotlighting Korea’s Music Industry

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(SACRAMENTO, Calif., November 8th, 2010) Yahoo! Inc ( the world’s news leader recently put the focus on Korea’s music industry with an article on Korea’s pop stars JYJ titled, “The Biggest Boy Band in The World You’ve Never Heard Of.” The article touched on JYJ’s Guinness World Records for the largest fan clubs and the most photographed celebrities in the world.

While it was good to see Yahoo shine the spotlight on these stars and its music industry, a much smaller media company, Ladybrille Media Group Inc., (Ladybrille) through its subsidiaries, has been spotlighting Korea’s music industry (K-Pop) since 2009.

“ was established in 2007 to fulfill an unmet need for African fashion and entertainment in the West,” said Uduak Oduok, Founder of Ladybrille Media and a California based Fashion and Entertainment Lawyer. Over time, we also discovered a void and need for Asian pop music in the West. To fill that void, last year, we launched to spotlight Korea and other Asian music and creative industries. We have since consolidated and now showcase these industries on to create a true online melting pot that benefits our readers and the artists we feature.”

Oduok’s site has featured K-pop stars like J-Lim, Rain, Lee Hyori, 2PM, Se7en, Drunken Tiger and Yoon Mi Rae/Tasha, among many.

“Asian traditions and culture i.e. food, fashion and the arts have penetrated and permeate all aspects of Western culture,” observed Oduok. “With music, the results haven’t been as successful. Nevertheless, there is an ongoing cultural evolution and it is only a matter of time before K-pop music becomes mainstream in America.”

Indeed Oduok’s predictions are not far fetched. Last year, in a renewed commitment to globalize Korean music, South Korea’s government pledged $92million dollars in investment in its music industry. Within the past two years, some of the largest Korean record labels have established offices in the USA. This October, Korean American hip-hop group Far East Movement made history as the first Asian group to earn a number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts with their song ‘like a G6.’ K-pop group 2PM, following suit has just, this month, earned a number13 position on the US Billboard World Charts with their song I’ll Be Back from their new album ‘Still 2:00pm.’ K-pop artists are also collaborating with America’s global pop stars including the latest collaboration of JYJ with Kanye West.

“Timing is everything,” notes Oduok. “There have been many attempts in the past by some of the biggest names in K-pop music to break through mainstream. They were all futile because the timing was not right. Now is the time and the numbers nationwide and online show it.”

Why is Oduok spotlighting K-pop and other Asian stars on a mostly African focused platform? “I’ve never been one to sit back and let things happen while I watch. The biggest deals and innovation in music will and are taking place between the West and Asia. There is no reason Africa should be left out, emphasizes Oduok. “The Ladybrille platform is strategically positioned to attract K-pop stars and its industry influencers so they can  see the immense talent Africa has to offer; and needless to say connect with us to broker and foster relationships with some of the best of the best in Africa’ s  music and entertainment industries.”

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