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Editor’s Note: Find Your Renewed Purpose and FLY in 2012!

“Dear Ladybrille fans, readers and well wishers,

Wow! What a year, really? When we started this journey together at the beginning of the year, my  mandate was simple, step into your greatness in 2011.” To that end, the Ladybrille Team  introduced you to powerful entrepreneurs who “stepped into their greatness.” Remember Teresa Clarke our Ladybrille Woman of the Month for January 2011? How about Ladybrille Man of the Month Obi Asika our Tower of Power?

In February, we told you life was not all about work or the things we do. It was very much about relationships we foster with one another. We encouraged you all to take the time to explore, enjoy and appreciate these beautiful relationships you are lucky to have (friends, family, boyfriend/girlfriends, husbands, wives, community etc.). Amobi Okoye our Man of the Month underscored our point. Remember him? What a dynamic young man? How about Currie Lee D-Sata our Ladybrille Woman who found love in China where she now lives with her husband and operates her successful fashion business?

In March we celebrated a fashion icon who is the epitome of a brilliant woman, Supermodel Iman. Iman has inspired millions including us to attain greatness and leave a legacy that would inspire generations. That same March, we also celebrated South Africa’s Simon Deiner  as our Man of the Month for his marvelous contributions to African fashion. In June we  met the brilliant Supermodel Nana Keita who showed us models do have brains, among the powerfully dynamic Ladybrille men and women we celebrated this year.

Further, throughout the year, we gave you so many unique and inspiring features, asked the tough questions and of course also celebrated progress in Africa’s music and film industries. You rewarded us with an increased patronage that almost doubled that of last year’s, even more emails and even more sharing of our articles. Thank you.

Somewhere along the way, I however felt I could not really hear our voice, the Ladybrille voice. There was so much noise and I longed to drown out the noise. There were so many fashion weeks, fashion shows, African celebrity events all centered around African fashion and entertainment etc. But, I felt we missed the point. There was a need to say “shhhhhhhh . .. “ everyone calm down and breathe . Pause. What are we really doing here? After all the hype, where was the tangible results? How are the endless shows increasing the bottom line of our designers and other creative talents? Frankly, it became hard to see the point of it all.

When I stepped back and quietly surveyed it all, I saw the need for Ladybrille to streamline how we do business and focus on being above the noise like we always have. I felt we joined the hype, for a minute. Resolved to stay true to our identity, at all times, I had us strip down to the basics, to what you all have said really matters to you based on your emails, daily visits, social media sharing activities etc.

Hopefully, you have noticed we now have a quieter, mature and focused website. We never want to be that website that inundates you all with so much content all at once. As the brilliant men and women you are, certainly room should be given for you to savor, taste and munch on the delicious servings and solid content we present you daily on Ladybrille. We found our renewed purpose in the process of stripping down to the basics.

Our Renewed Purpose: We are about the business of fashion, our humble beginnings where we started. We are about the business of the brilliant woman (Ladybrille) and man. We are about celebrating achievements across fashion and entertainment; and we are definitely about informing and educating. When you visit Ladybrille each day, it should be a brilliant experience. You should walk away entertained, informed, inspired or all of the above. The articles, videos, audio etc. we share with you all should inspire and move you to act, especially where action is needed. The Ladybrille man or woman never stays on the sidelines. She gets things done. He gets things done.

There is a clear and renewed purpose in all that we do. The renewed purpose can only mean in 2012, we intend and know we will fly. I hope our energy is highly contagious and you all are inspired in the remaining days left in 2011 to tune out the noise and find or reaffirm your purpose. It is time to fly.

On behalf of my entire team and I, I wish you all a “brilliantastic” 2012! May you soar to even greater heights and may all of the wonderful things you wish for yourselves come to fruition.

We resume our publishing activities om January 9th, 2012. In the meantime, please keep visiting us and be sure to read the stories of our inspiring Ladybrille men and women .

Yours Truly,
([email protected])
Uduak Oduok, Esq.
Ladybrille Magazine

Ladybrille Magazine

Founded in 2007, Ladybrille® Magazine is a California based pioneer digital publication demystifying the image of Africans in the west through contemporary African fashion and celebrating the brilliant woman in business and leadership, with an emphasis on the African woman in the diaspora. Our coverage includes stories on capital, access to markets, expertise, hiring and retention, sales, marketing, and promotions.

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