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Editor’s Note: Bloggers Make the World Go Round- Ladybrille’s 2011 Best of the Best Bloggers’ Edition

“D” id you know there are over 152million blogs on the internet? Did you also know that there are 31% more blogs than three years ago. Did you know most people read blogs more than once a day and most people read 5-10 blogs? Did you know blogs are so powerful blog articles influence purchase?

We sort of knew Bloggers were kinda of a big deal here at Ladybrille. We definitely have not missed the many companies in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA who now place bloggers on fronts rows at prominent fashion shows.

Bloggers ave kicked it with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker in Italy,they have enjoyed all expense paid trips and gifts to amazing destinations, some have earned cars by collaborating with car companies for campaigns and bloggers even have their own makeup line, thanks to M.A.C. But, bloggers do not need anyone to give them things. A handful have been able to pull in annual revenue ranging from 60,000 to 1million US dollars per year.

Greetings Ladybrille fans, readers and well wishers, welcome to another Edition of Ladybrille Magazine, our August 2011 Bloggers’ Edition.

Our goal this month is simple yet several fold. We seek to do the following:

1. Celebrate the influence of bloggers with a special focus on Africa’s fashion, lifestyle and entertainment bloggers. American bloggers have an amazing community, one that Ladybrille has been privileged to be a part of. On the African end, we have not seen the kind of unity and focus that is seen on both the American and Asian end. We show the influence of bloggers and celebrate them through our feature on Tiffany Lorde, our Ladybrille Woman of the Month, and Wiz Kid, our man of the Month who has benefited from the tremendous coverage of bloggers in his music career.

2. Introduce blogging as a business. Blogging is a business and to be successful, the basic business fundamentals have to be in place. Blogging takes tremendous time commitment, energy and resources . We achieve this through our feature on the business of blogging that includes the business of blogging and the legal protection of your blog brand. This is for every artist, designer, full time professional blogger and anyone who blogs.

3. Reward excellence and breakthrough the replicated/cut and paste approach to blogging by identifying the 2011 Best African inspired Blogs to read who do not copy and paste. Your time is precious. Your time is money. If you will read blogs, you ought to know which ones are worth your time. We focus on content originality, clarity and blog navigation and functionality to give you our top choices.

4. For the many who pitch their stories to bloggers , daily, from music talents to designers to the public relations company that represent them, we talk candidly and offer tips in our article, “7 Tips on How to Pitch Your Stories to Bloggers,” on how this ought to be done. By the way, should bloggers receive money to feature events on their blogs? If they do, should they disclose such fact? For African bloggers based in the USA, the answer is a definitive “Yes.” We explore this topic both for those who pitch and the bloggers receiving the pitches.

5. Finally, we conclude our features on blogging with coverage on how blog owners, themselves, can market and pitch their blogs for press coverage.

It is an edition you should not miss. So stay connected with us all month long for the stories above, and more new and social media coverage within and outside Africa.

Yours truly,
Uduak Oduok, Esq.
([email protected])
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