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Editor’s Note: Step Into Your Greatness in 2011!

“I“had to get off the boat so I could walk on water . . . difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week . . . ,” raps Jay-Z in the remix of Kanye West’s hit song “Diamonds are Forever.” The lyrics above are that of a man who despite the odds and obstacles, BELIEVED he was destined for greatness. To make his belief become reality, he stepped into his greatness with his actions. Today, the world references him both in music and business as an exhibit of what greatness looks like.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you brilliant women and men that bless us with your time! We feel truly blessed that you regularly carve out time from your hectic schedules for us.  Thank you.

Welcome to Ladybrille Magazine’s 2011 New Year, Powerful You Edition. I, on behalf of my team, wish you a brilliant year and hope this will be your best so far. I challenge you, as we begin this year, to “step into your greatness” like Jay-Z and the countless powerful individuals you watch and admire on your television screens, often.

Make a commitment to find and stay true to yourself and your values. Discover what drives you and don’t be afraid to pursue it with unapologetic relentlessness.

To help facilitate and push you towards your greatness, our “New Year, Powerful You” feature [i]s a must read. Also a must read, this month, is our feature on Ladybrille Woman of the Month Teresa Clarke. Clarke was the first black female Managing Director in the investment banking division at Goldman Sachs. She left the firm to pursue her passion for Africa, establishing Africa.com in February  2010! She is quite remarkable. Watch the clip below and stay tuned to meet her here on Ladybrille.

Our feature on Obi Asika our Ladybrille Man of the Month authored by Shana Peete is equally a must read. Asika is the “Tower of Power” behind 360 Entertainment Agency, one of Africa’s leading entertainment firms. This is not his first time on Ladybrille. But, it is his first time as our Man of the Month and the first time he reveals his personal layer with us. In 2008, Asika was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Hip-Hop World Awards for his contributions to Africa’s music industry. Find out how he stepped into his greatness to achieve these remarkable accomplishments, next week.

We also have a feature on Kahindo Mateene an African designer who has evolved to produce brilliant work with immaculate design details that celebrates YOU, the Ladybrille woman. She, we believe, is one to watch. These and your daily dosage of only the best of the best fashion, film and music coverage all year round means 2011 is going to be a fun and great year!

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Yours Truly,
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Uduak Oduok, Esq.
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