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Designers for Darfur

darfurNew York Fashion Week Fall 2007 is finally over. Two observations stand out which are the eco-friendly and charity themes. ECO-FRIENDLY/GREEN TREND: Green, eco-friendly fashions seem to be the theme for Fall 2007. Designers and the fashion industry as a whole seemed quite conscientious of creating, making and designing clothes that are environmentally friendly. Hooray! Although, the concept of corporate responsibility has been around for a while. It’s great to see the industry pushing it very aggressively this season. Let’s see if it recurs next season.

DESIGNERS FOR DARFUR: Spearheaded by Malcolm Harris of Mal Sirrah, Inc., all kinds of designers collaborated for a charitable fashion show with monies raised to benefit Sudan and specifically the Dafur region. Great! These days, it seems everyone wants to do something for Africa, America’s Fashion Industry is no exception. Nevertheless, as to the Africa trend,it is always a delicate balance when it comes to doing things that are helpful to Africa. Africa does need help, although that is debatable depending on who you ask. However,in giving help, we must be careful how we brand Africa’s image in the minds of fellow fashion lovers, America and the world. Fashion should be used in a positive light, not to stigmatize Africa. Seemingly innocent and helpful charitable causes like “Designers for Dafur” is great to help Africa BUT such campaigns should be balanced with high end fashion shows by African designers, with a platform in North America and Europe, that focuses on designs that do not necessarily promote saving dying/starving/AIDS ridden Africa. Below is a brief documentary on what the Darfur issue is all about. Hats off to Malcolm for his passion and pushing this charitable cause.

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