News Interviews Founder Olumide Adewumi media friends at CP-Africa are running an entrepreneur series highlighting inspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs. This time, they interview Olumide Adewumi, founder of the popular music destination Adewumi shares  insights on running an online and recognizable brand like Gidilounge.


“ Relative to other Nigerian web startups, Gidilounge has a strong and recognizable brand as well as a pretty active and loyal social media following. What would you say is responsible for your success at branding Gidilounge?
For the most part, a major part of our business plan is to continuously introduce cutting edge technology to our business processes but we can’t stress how much our success can be tied to the dynamism of our team. Gidilounge has grown to become a 100% team effort and the collaborative spirit that runs through every member of the team keeps us going. We have been able to utilize the emergence of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a medium to directly connect with our fan base on a more personal level. This has definitely played a major role in branding Gidilounge.

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