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Coming Soon: LADYBRILLE Woman Podcast: Gavin Rajah on The Zuhair Murad Alleged Copyright Infringement Saga #Fashionlaw

By now, fashion industry heads across the African continent and internationally are aware of the alleged claim and uproar in South Africa’s fashion industry that renowned South African designer Gavin Rajah allegedly infringed on Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad’s Spring/Summer 2013 design, seen in the picture above. Gavin recently granted an exclusive interview to us on The Ladybrille Woman Podcast show to discuss this fashion law issue and the business of fashion. Subscribe to via email or on iTunes and Stitcher radio to know when this episode publishes.

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Gavin Rajah and Zuhair Murad

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Since this weekend we have kept silent enough regarding the allegations and rumours flying around. Off course it’s made it’s rounds around social media and the likes and we have chosen to remain quiet watching a huge amount of hate being incited. Whilst we strongly deny copying the dress of Murad in any form whatsoever and assert it as our original we have been dismayed at the reaction of certain people who tried to sensationalise this. Our attempts at contacting Sim telephonically have gone unanswered, in fact he sat 3 seats next to me at the Craig Port show and simply scuttled away instead of talking to me.

The comments and posts have been hurtful in the extreme especially as we extended an invitation to him to see the show. Sim being a convenor and producer of fashion for the City of Durban and KZN government how constructive are these comments? What does the City of Durban say about these hateful and malicious comments? Other comments made about other designers work have been as scathing – save for the ones that will be showing on his platform in Durban……interesting to note.

People who know our brand and know me will know the truth. My studio, working sketches, references and patterns remain open for inspection at my studio at any point for those wanting to assert the truth and not simply wanting to be part of a malicious campaign. My design process is open for all to see. No one is above the law or reproach and none of us should have that much hate in oneself to be able to want to destroy another. Again Sim I invite you to an open dialogue and to visit our studio. I am not sure what has made you so malicious and angry but its inappropriate and certainly not conducive to building relationships in the fashion industry or elsewhere. Attached are letters from our attorneys Adams&Adams and our reference document.
Once again, anyone who has a genuine interest is free to visit our studio and examine our actual process of design. My final comment on this is: ”I did not copy Mr Zuhair Murad’s design, my design is my own original creation inspired by Japanese woodblock printing. The Japanese inspired theme is visble through the entire collection. I have created the design independently from inspiration sourced by Japanese themes, ranging from the rising sun to Japanese fans. The entire design process has been my own efforts in labour. I welcome you into my studio to view the creative process that lead to this design.” – Gavin Rajah

Gavin Rajah 1 Gavin Raj 1B

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