Rebecca Enonchong: “The Whole Discourse (About the African Woman Entrepreneur) Needs to Change”

Ethel Cofie is a Ghanaian tech entrepreneur who is striving to get more African women working in technology. It is something that Rebecca Enonchong from Cameroon is also passionate about – she owns a global technology company. As part of a special series for Newsday, BBC brought Ethel and Rebecca together to have a conversation on how women can progress in the male-dominated world of technology. First Rebecca speaks on the difficulties facing women entrepreneurs across Africa.

“For whatever reason, when it comes to women businesses, there is this box that they have put African women in. And this is all over the world. This is in Africa and this is outside of Africa. We will give you a microloan. The big business is for men and all these poor African little women, let’s give them $50 to start their companies. It really makes me crazy. I think it is this image that the African Woman Entrepreneur has worldwide that she is just an entrepreneur to survive. She is just an entrepreneur because she can’t get a job. The whole discourse needs to change, the vocabulary needs to change.”-Rebecca Enonchong

Picture (Left to Right): Ethel Cofie and Rebecca Enonchong / Credit: Ethel Cofie and Rebecca Enonchong

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