African Cinema: Watch ‘Heart of a Fighter’ Featuring Mercy Johnson & Ramsey Nouah (Nollywood)

The hottest name in Nollywood, right now, is unequivocally Freshman Actress Mercy Johnson. Talented, versatile with her acting, and blessed with curves women hope for and men drool over, Johnson continues to take no prisoners as she conquers Nollywood and Africa, one country at a time. Her latest flick, courtesy Nollywood Love, “Heart of a Fighter” is a must watch.

Distributor: Youtube/Nollywood Love
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Film Synopsis: Stronger than most of the boys in the village, unrefined, a tomboy and a bully, Dubem (Mercy Johnson) is feared by many in her village. A traumatic childhood experience has taught Dubem to fight and where necessary, beat up anyone and everyone that gets in the way. Within the same kingdom is an out of control tyranny, a Prince (Ramsey Nouah). The Prince is extremely disrespectful of women, beating them up as he sees fit. He is also feared by many within the King’s palance.What happens when the unrefined tomboy, Dubem, meets the tyrant and out of control Prince? Find out as the tale unfolds in this Nollywood blockbuster.

A- List Actress Mercy Johnson, Ramsey Nouah

Length: Heart of a Fighter I&II (Est. 2.5)

Heart of a Fighter III &IV (Est. 2.5)

NOTE: Nollywood movies are quite lengthy divided into bits. Watch in bits.

Heart of a Fighter I

Heart of a Fighter II

Heart of a Fighter III

Heart of a Fighter IV

-Uduak Oduok
-Courtesy photo

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