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Africa Fashion Law™: How Not to Resolve Private Disputes in Public – Designer Adebayo Jones’ Open Letter to Traitor

Over and over again, within the African fashion and entertainment industry, I see talents and entrepreneurs resolve their issues in the manner below. While I deeply empathize with the note and the experiences shared by UK based Designer Adebayo Jones, this is not the way to resolve disputes. If the allegations are true, consult with a lawyer and have your lawyer advocate, in your behalf. This airing out of grievances in public can only create more issues and further complicates things with a potential lawsuit where defamatory statements are made.

I am unsure what the point of all of these is by Mr. Adebayo Jones. Read his open letter to a traitor republished below:

This message will be the first and hopefully the last of such from me.

When we pray to God are we sometimes prepared for the truth that may unfold? We must all pray earnestly that the Lord should expose evil wolves masquerading as friends and as lambs before they do the much desired harm and mischief they set out to achieve in the first place.

The person to whom this concerns is here on my friends list. Not a face book friend but one whom I adopted as a sibling.

You wanted to start a service in the fashion business. You came to me for assistance. I gave you my best and all. I introduced you to my contacts. I took you along with me to one of my international shows abroad. You never paid a penny in cost travel, hotel and hospitality. You had a free reign of my contacts. I held nothing back from you.


I was always well behaved and never improper with you. All I did was to be a blessing and do my best to make sure you got started well enough on your feet to succeed. I introduced you to my most valuable client. You got in there and decided to give me my reward your own way.

You went on to try to assassinate my character, ruin my business that I have devoted a whole lifetime to. You succeeded in the cancellation of a most valuable contract and a project that was due for completion in just two months. You aware or every move I was making and yet working against me behind.


My question to you why? What did I ever do to you as I cannot recall at any time ever falling out with you? Even if I ever did offend you which I am not aware off, I would have thought the good that I have been to you would have stood in the gap for me. I mentored you, supported and encouraged you with every resource at hand. I have a 110% to your dream. Even on your website I wrote the most beautiful reference for you. How much more can anyone do.

The sad bit is you see and hug me; you laugh and smile with me. Even when I told you about all the stuff that had happened with the deal, you acted astonished and amazed and even encouraged me. You even asked to write a reference for you recently for your new job application. Yet you behind the scenes try to mastermind a downfall while all I ever do is seek your good.

Yet, you were the mastermind or all evil that had taken place. But you fail to understand that I am blessed of God. I am too blessed to fail. I carry a grace and kind of favour that not even you can comprehend. I do what God expects of me. To love, encourage, to build, support and assist others to the best of my ability.

I am sure many who may read this will attest to this about me. I DO IT ALL FOR GOD’S LOVE.

That is why doors can never be closed for me. When It seems one is likely to close, many more are opened in response. This is God’s way of showing that he cares for me just too much. He loves me.. My name OLUFEMI Spells that out. 2012 is amazingly blessed. I have so much on offer I can barely cope. Trips, projects, and so much much are in place.

How amazing can God be after all your evil? I know you will read this. I am aware now that you are soulless and probably blood does not flow through your veins. Whatever it is that flows within you, I leave for you and whom you serve to work out. FOR SURELY YOU ARE NOT OF GOD.

I will pray earnestly and daily that God enables me to truly forgive you, for it is a commandment from God to which there is no compromise.

FOR YOUR SAKE I WILL NOT MISS PARADISE. However for you, you judgement will surely come. GOD is not mocked. When you judgement comes it is going to be swift and not delayed for everyone will surely reap what they have sown.

It is often said that it would be better for a person to fall into the hands of the devil for when they cry out to God, he is able to deliver them. However should a person into the hands of GOD ALMIGHTY for Judgment…Woe and alas.. Who will deliver the person? GOD NOT I, will give you your reward.”

Ms. Uduak Oduok is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Ladybrille® Magazine. An industry insider with almost two decades of hands on extensive experience in the fashion and entertainment industry, she is also a trial attorney (with 10years experience) and has counseled a range of clients from musicians, models, actors and actresses to designers on numerous areas of the law including contracts, business law, fashion and entertainment law, copyright, trademark i.e. intellectual property law. She can be reached at ([email protected]) to share/pitch your Africa Fashion Law™ related stories with her. All other inquiries, please visit the for appropriate contact email.

Ms. Uduak

Ms. Uduak is best known as an advocate who uses the tools of media and the law to help creatives and businesses clearly articulate their true brand identities, and communicate it to the world through their products and services, to maximize profits. She is a lawyer, speaker, author, journalist, and recognized thought leader, and trailblazer for her work on Africa’s emerging global fashion and entertainment markets, and the niche practice of fashion law in the United States.  She is also the founder and publisher of Ladybrille® Magazine, and an Attorney and Partner at Ebitu Law Group, P.C, where her practice focuses on Fashion, Business, & Entertainment Law and Trials. For more information about her, visit

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