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10 Tips to Prevent Breast Cancer

There is no fireproof way to prevent breast cancer. However, our lifestyle and the choices we make can help in greatly reducing our chances of having breast cancer. Below are 10 options recommended by numerous health organizations including the Susan G. Komen Foundation for averting the risks of cancers, especially breast cancer.

  1. Stay physically active.
  2. Maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Limit your alcohol intake
  4. Increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables (dark green leafy vegetables), whole grain breads and cereals.
  5. Reduce your fat intake. There is an over-consumption of fat in most American diets. Try to reduce your fat intake.
  6. Reduce your intake of second hand carbohydrates with no nutritional value
  7. Conduct personal routine breast self-examination- Women should conduct breast self-examination on a monthly basis from age 20 onwards. Any new or suspicious lumps should be immediately be reported to your doctor.
  8. Have your breast examined aka breast cancer screening – It is recommended this takes place every three years from age 20 to 39 and once. Mammogram begins every year or two from age 40.
  9. Reduce Stress. Live life simply.
  10. Be happy!

For more information or if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, please visit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation for more Information.

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