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LBW 008: Meet Ariana Goodell, President of Hastings Fashion Law Society and Ladybrille Woman of the Month Nov. 2014

Our Ladybrille Woman of the Month for November 2014 is Ariana Goodell, fashion law student and President for the U.C. Hastings College of the Law Fashion, Arts, Design Law Society. In this feature, Ariana shares how current road to becoming a fashion lawyer. She shares her personal background, her work with a  large law firm in New York, how she discovered fashion law and how pursuing her passion for law has led to her current role as President for FADLS at U.C. Hastings.


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Quick Preview of the Podcast

  1. Ariana’s personal background
  2. Working at a law firm in New York
  3. Discovering fashion law
  4. Applying to law schools
  5. Finding a fashion law program
  6. Finding mentors
  7. Attending law school and becoming President for a fashion law society.
  8. Tips for law students interested in following the same path.

Where to Find Ariana Goodell

UC Hastings FAD-Law Society

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